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“Remembering that I’ll be dead soon is the most important tool I’ve ever encountered to help me make the big choices in life. Because almost everything — all external expectations, all pride, all fear of embarrassment or failure – these things just fall away in the face of death, leaving only what is truly important.”


Are You Sick & Tired of Living “A Life of Quiet Desperation?”

Get On The Fast Track To
The Life You Really Want


The Last Year Of Your Life has been used by people all around
the  world, to transform their lives and achieve extraordinary results.

Is It Your Time to Lose Weight, Quit Smoking, Re-unite with Lost Friends or Loved Ones?

To Break Through Your Barriers, Bring Out Your Uniqueness, Passion and Gifts?

To Create Your Legacy in your Business, Career, Profession, or for your Family?

If you are ready to become the Best Parent, Spouse, Friend, and Person....

And if you are ready to have The Most Fun You’ve Ever Had in One Year...

Then It’s Time For You To Make the Commitment to Achieve Your Full Potential...

It’s time for you to truly come A.L.I.V.E.

        Awareness that this is The Last Year Of Your Life & time to follow your heart.

        Let go of the past, forgive yourself and forgive those who have hurt you.

        I nspire yourself with exciting goals and plans for your future.

        Visualize how to make your goals a reality.

        Energize yourself with good food, rest, exercise, and positive mental energy.

Get into Action Now and Invest in The Last Year Of Your Life...  Your 52-week action guide to help you get the very most out of the experience of living as if you are racing against the ticking clock.  You will find yourself jumping out of bed in the morning because you are so inspired by your plans and goals for the year... And you will accomplish more in the next 52 weeks than you have in decades.

Travel the globe, achieve sobriety, open a business, record an album of your own original music, write your book, sky-rocket your income -- it’s all possible in The Last Year Of Your Life...

Week 1. Really Feel Unconditional Love For Yourself
Week 2. Appreciate Your Greatness
Week 3. Create A Plan That Gets You Jumping Out Of Bed Every Morning 
Week 4. Amplify Your Personal Power by Being “All In” 

Week 5. Create Inner Peace by Forgiving Yourself
Week 6. Train Your Brain for Success 
Week 7. Create A New Destiny for Your Life
Week 8. Un-clutter Your Life & Eliminate Procrastination Forever

Week 9. Get Healthier, Lose Weight, Quit Smoking, Get In Shape, etc.
Week 10. Experience True Happiness
Week 11. Truly Bond with Family and Friends
Week 12. Appreciate The Fleeting Nature of Life
Week 13. Develop a Personal Vision for Your Life 

Week 14. Learn How To Instantly Turbo Charge Your Personal Power
Week 15. Trust Yourself Completely
Week 16. Get More Out Of Each Day by Going Deeper

Week 17. Access A Super-Power That You Are Suppressing
Week 18. Walk Through “The Portal To Unlimited Power”

Week 19. A Tiny Decision That Will Eliminate Tons of Wasted Time
Week 20. Feel The Joy Of Truly Loving Other People
Week 21. Experience Genuine Compassion for Yourself and Others
Week 22. Overcome Fear and Personal Barriers
Week 23. Unclutter Your Life & Eliminate Procrastination

Week 24. Align Yourself with Your Life’s Purpose
Week 25. Give Yourself Permission to Have Fun Every Day
Week 26. Understand The True Foundation Of All Personal Power
Week 27. Appreciate Your Life Experience
Week 28. Flip A Switch to Create Real Courage to Change

Week 29. Perfect Your Time Management Skills
Week 30. Access The Power Of What You Already Know
Week 31. Eliminate Your Fear Of Death
Week 32. Create Unstoppable Personal Power by Being Real
Week 33. Live A Life That’s As Good As It Gets

Week 34. Become A True Leader
Week 35. Get Passion In Your Life On A Cellular Level
Week 36. Understand and Access True Spirituality
Week 37. Experience “Joie de Vie” (The Joy Of Life)
Week 38. Take a Stand For Something Big In Your Life

Week 39. Develop Genuine Connections with People
Week 40. Appreciate Each Moment of Your Life
Week 41. Unburden Yourself From Your Sins and Transgressions
Week 42. Make Amends to All People You Have Injured

Week 43. Give Your “Last Lecture” & Become A Great Speaker 
Week 44. Empower Yourself With Genuine Gratitude 
Week 45. Resolve All Outstanding Personal Issues in Your Life
Week 46. Write Your Last Will and Testament
Week 47. Appreciate The Accomplishments of Your Entire Life

Week 48. Understand the Meaning of Your Life
Week 49. Make Peace with Yourself and Your Higher Power
Week 50. Take Stock of Everything You Accomplished This Year
Week 51. Experience True Freedom
Week 52. Create A Clean Slate For The Rest of Your Life

Clint Arthur with George Bush,

41st President of the United States

Simon Cowell & Clint Arthur

Clint Arthur with Don Miguel Ruiz,
New York Times Bestselling Author of

“The Four Agreements”

Clint Arthur with Mark Victor Hansen,
#1 New York Times Bestselling Author of

“Chicken Soup For The Soul”

Clint Arthur with Barbara DeAngelis

#1 New York Times Bestselling Author of

“Secrets About Men Every Woman Should Know”
and “Are You The One For Me?”

Clint Arthur with Jorge Cruise,
New York Times Bestselling Author of
“The Belly Fat Cure” and “The 3-Hour Diet”

Clint Arthur & T Harv Eker,

#1 New York Times bestselling author of

“Secrets of The Millionaire Mind”

Clint Arthur  with Jack Canfield,
#1 New York Times bestselling author of
“Chicken Soup For The Soul”

Clint Arthur & Jenna Jameson

#1 New York Times Bestselling Author of
“How To Make Love Like a Porn Star”

Clint Arthur with Robert Allen,

#1 New York Times Bestselling Author of
Multiple Streams of Income” and

The One Minute Millionaire”

Clint Arthur’s high school creative writing teacher

Frank McCourt won the Pulitzer Prize for
Angela’s Ashes

Clint Arthur with Brendon Burchard,
#1 New York Times Bestselling Author of
“The Millionaire Messenger”,
Mike Koenigs, Founder of TrafficGeyser,
and Scott Hoffman of Folio Literary Management.

Clint Arthur with Brian Tracy

Bestselling Author of “The Psychology of Achievement”

Clint Arthur with  Darren Hardy,
Publisher of Success Magazine

Clint Arthur with Ali “The Bachelorette” Fedotowsky

Clint Arthur with Survivor finalist Dan Lembo

Clint Arthur with John O’Hurley

on the set of Sacramento & Co.

Dave Coz & Clint Arthur

Clint Arthur with Colleen Williams,

the 700-lbs. woman on Dr. Oz,

at the CW TV Studios in Phoenix, AZ

Clint Arthur with John Lassiter,
Acadamy Award Winning Director of “Toy Story”

Clint Arthur with David Bach

#1 New York Times Bestselling Author of

“The Automatic Millionaire”

Clint Arthur with Michael Gerber,

Bestselling Author of “The E-Myth”


“I quit smoking, lost 42 pounds,
and reunited with my dad -- who I hadn’t spoken to in 20 years.  I introduced my kids to their
grandfather for the first time in their lives!”


Thanks to The Last Year Of Your Life and Clint Arthur, my net income actually doubled in 2010.



“The Last Year Of Your Life experience helped make 2011 the most fun year of my life.”





33 Year-old West White did not complete

The 2010 Last Year Of Your Life Experience.


Clint Arthur is a graduate of the Wharton Business School, a successful entrepreneur with over a decade of experience running his own business, and the bestselling author of “The Last Year Of Your Life,” “The Greatest Book Of All Time,” and “What They Teach You At The Wharton Business School.”  His famous personal transformation experiences, training programs, keynote speeches and frequent appearances on Network TV and hugely syndicated radio shows inspire millions of people to go bigger in their life, to amplify their voice, live more intensely, and make a huge impact on the world.


“Because of this experience, I conquered my life-long fear of heights -- that’s ME standing on top of that 60’ tall tower!”



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